Dear visitor, welcome to the Reyniers Audio blog

My name is Wouter Reyniers and I will be posting about things related to recording music on a digital audio workstation recording computer. Many of my posts will be as a result of questions clients have asked us, others will be about things that I feel are interesting. Hopefully you will find them interesting as well. I will share with you my discoveries in the digital audio world as well as experiences I meet along the way. Some of the things you can look forward to reading about on this blog are:
  • Windows 32-bit versus 64-bit for Recording on a DAW Computer
  • Audio interfaces – FireWire, USB, Internal – which is best?
  • Solid State Drives – The end of platters?
  • How to keep your audio project files organized and neat.
  • How to get that monster bass drum sound, with or without triggers.
  • You can never backup often enough, some tools to make it easier.
  • Anti-virus software – the silent recording computer killer?
  • Streamline your projects, a lesson in efficiency.
  • In the studio – tips to get that (close to) perfect take.
  • Reaper – the little DAW that could.
So come back often and feel free to chime in the comments, we love to learn hear from your experiences as well.
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