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If you’re like me you’ll often find yourself looking for a file that you know exists somewhere on your hard drives but can’t find it.  It’s hidden somewhere in a neglected folder and you will go insane trying to find this file.  Well, I recently found the ultimate solution for this problem.  It is called Search Everything, a little application created by VoidTools that makes finding files easier and quicker than ever before. Search Everything has a lot going for it.  What follows is a brief summary of its features and how I’ve used it in my audio projects.


No search utility will be fast and efficient without some type of indexing.  Windows 7 comes with File Indexing turned on by default. Unfortunately the built in indexing engine that comes with Windows is a serious resource hog, and although it can search fairly quick, it will more than likely slow down all types of file operation.  It is for this reason that we disable Windows File Indexing on all our recording computers. Search Everything on the other hand offers indexing that is very efficient with minimal resource usage.  You can easily select which drives you’d like to index, and furthermore which drives you’d like to monitor in real-time.  No more mucking around with Windows Services and drive settings that never seem to stick.


This is where Search Everything really shines.  Searching for a file used to be a tedious and sometimes time consuming task.  With Windows Search,  a single query can take literally minutes to complete as it scans your giant hard drives.  In search everything you can simply begin typing your query and it will start showing results immediately – this is very similar to Google’s “search as you type”. I found this to be very handy when looking for one-off samples to use in my projects. For example when splicing multiple drum takes together you will often run into scenarios where cymbal hits get chopped up with the splices. A quick solution to this is to have a bunch of cymbal hits available to drop in on the split points, which would then ensure that the transition sounds flawless and smooth.  I find Search Everything to be invaluable during this operation as I can quickly see all my cymbal hits from all my sample libraries at a glance.  Finding the perfect sample has never been easier.  Take a peak at the screenshot and you’ll see exactly what I mean. The Windows 7 Search engine does have a leg up in one area that Search Everything doesn’t even attempt to go; that is searching within files and documents.   Windows will index the text in your documents and pdf’s, which can be useful for someone who uses their computer for more day to day type usage.  Obviously, us audio producers are much less interested in typing long essays and much more interested in making music so for us, this functionality is much less important, especially considering how taxing having a Windows Index of your files can be to your system. In any case you can download and install Search Everything for free at

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4 Responses to Software Tools for your Recording Computer – Search Everything

  1. madrick says:

    I use Copernic Desktop Search it’s a pretty fast doll.

  2. ted says:

    ProXL has released version 1.3 of Sonic Explorer, an audio preview software for Windows.

  3. James Elliott says:

    This tool is AWESOME!

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