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Nov 9

Recording Computer CPU Benchmarks – Sandy Bridge, Nehalem and Bulldozer Processors Compared

One of the toughest decisions to make when purchasing a computer for digital audio production is which processor will be best for your configuration. These days, the model numbers that designate the processors have very little to do with how … Continue reading

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Oct 25

Windows 7, 32-bit versus 64-bit for Recording on a DAW Computer

For the longest time, I have recommended going with Windows XP Home 32-bit for music production on the PC. It has long been the most reliable choice, as every major DAW host, audio interface and audio plugin available supported the … Continue reading

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Oct 20

Dear visitor, welcome to the Reyniers Audio blog

My name is Wouter Reyniers and I will be posting about things related to recording music on a digital audio workstation recording computer.┬áMany of my posts will be as a result of questions clients have asked us, others will be … Continue reading

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