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Apr 26

How to choose the perfect Audio Interface for your recording computer (Part 1)

Choosing an audio interface can be a daunting task.  There are literally hundreds of options on the market and choosing one can be confusing and even frustrating.  As you can imagine we get to touch, experiment with and test many … Continue reading

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Nov 9

Recording Computer CPU Benchmarks – Sandy Bridge, Nehalem and Bulldozer Processors Compared

One of the toughest decisions to make when purchasing a computer for digital audio production is which processor will be best for your configuration. These days, the model numbers that designate the processors have very little to do with how … Continue reading

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Mar 10

Software Tools for your Recording Computer – Search Everything

If you’re like me you’ll often find yourself looking for a file that you know exists somewhere on your hard drives but can’t find it.  It’s hidden somewhere in a neglected folder and you will go insane trying to find … Continue reading

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Dec 20

2010 – A recap of a productive year and forecasts for the future

What a wonderful year we’ve had here at Reyniers Audio – on all fronts. First of all, on a more personal note, Olga and I got married on November 13 and we were blessed with the most beautiful wedding any … Continue reading

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Oct 25

Windows 7, 32-bit versus 64-bit for Recording on a DAW Computer

For the longest time, I have recommended going with Windows XP Home 32-bit for music production on the PC. It has long been the most reliable choice, as every major DAW host, audio interface and audio plugin available supported the … Continue reading

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Oct 20

Dear visitor, welcome to the Reyniers Audio blog

My name is Wouter Reyniers and I will be posting about things related to recording music on a digital audio workstation recording computer. Many of my posts will be as a result of questions clients have asked us, others will be … Continue reading

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